In this episode of Rule Breaker, Dream Maker podcast I bring to you Elissa Williams.

Elissa is the Queen of heart-centered personal styling. She is a style alchemist–mixing fashion, self-expression and a radical call to be your most evolved self to create a magical wardrobe that FEELS good.

Through her coaching and trainings her clients experience freedom of self-expression, radical abundance and a FEELING like no other. They are home in their skin and empowered to FULLY embody their highest self.

Abundance follows Elissa wherever she goes, and she exists to elevate the consciousness of the planet through fun, flow and authenticity.

We talk about:

  • What it’s really like to run a Heart Centered Business off your passions
  • How life and business often evolve together
  • Why you shouldn’t settle for “comfortable”
  • How transforming your wardrobe can radically transform your life
  • Why it’s important to be fully expressed in all areas

And of course, because Elissa is a stylist- she gives us a few takeaways that anyone can use to unleash their inner badass (hint- getting rid of all the shit you don’t like or doesn’t fit you correctly is #1 one)

Elissa also has a free gift for you- Identify Your Personal Style Guide

Link’s mentioned: (for Styling with Elissa)-

Rent the Runway Update Package that Elissa Recommends

School of Heart Centered Styling Link

Find Elissa on Instagram here: @styled_by_e