Today I am joined by the vivacious Alexa Martinez. Alexa is a sex and relationship by design coach and mentor on a mission to reform sex education and sexuality expression across the globe. She is from the deep south of Louisiana and if anyone knows how to bust through taboos regarding sex, it’s her. She is the founder of The Violet Butterfly & The Kaleidoscope, a blog, brand, podcast and community with love, sex & relationships as the central focus. Alexa also speaks internationally on the same subjects.

On Ep 9, Alexa and I chat about all the things.

First, how does one actually become this kind of coach? Alexa takes us inside her journey and how her own struggles liberated her experience and lead her to her current work.

We discuss male/ female dynamics (especially when it comes to todays world), why communication is SO important (especially the way we do it), and well.. sex. Plus she answers your questions, such as:

How do women and men understand eachother better?

What do I look for in a potential partner?

What does my partner wish I knew about him (especially when it comes to sex) ?

Porn and relationships…. good or bad?

Tune in to hear more.

Links Mentioned in the episode:

Alexa’s Community- The Kaleidoscope 

The Violet Butterfly

Sex at Dawn (book)