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To be honest I kind of hate the goal setting game. For me, it’s SO much BIGGER to me than “goal setting”. I want to empower you to create WHAT it is you want and to have the type of life that you want to have. So today I am breaking it down to you the actual steps I use to achieve the things that I want out of life.

Step 1: DREAM

If there were NO rules and you could create anything that you wanted- what would you want? What would you ask for? What would your life look like? What were the things you wanted as a kid? How does your life look? What are the things that you have and own? What kind of car would you drive? How is your daily life? Do you travel? What are the things? What kind of business do you have? What kind of impact do you have?

Step 2: Write it out in the PRESENT moment

Write out your goals as if they have already happened. This is important because it starts warming up your conscious and subconscious to actual believe that these things could be possible. It speeds up the time it takes to see it in the present moment.

If you accomplished that already- then what would your goal be?

Make decisions as THAT person.

Step 3: Feel the E-Motion

Spend time feeling the emotions of how you would feel if you had what you wanted NOW. The more you can bring those feelings into your physical body in the moment the better!

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