Being a woman and entrepreneur/ business owner is no easy feat. Add being a mom and balancing relationships on top of that and you’ve got yourself a seriously full plate.

On Episode 18, I’m sharing a very personal story- My journey into motherhood and the honest struggles of being a mom and business owner.

I think there is this elusive thing out there where so many people are promoting balance and self care but true balance doesn’t exactly exist.

In this episode, I am not going to tell you to find more balance. What I am going to tell you is that as a modern woman in today’s society, it’s up to YOU to decide what your role is. If other people are putting responsibilities on your plate that you don’t want to fulfill, it’s up to you to set boundaries that are non negotiable in how things get to work in YOUR life. It’s not always easy. Kids or no kids, there are pressures and preconceived notions on how a woman should operate. I want to dispel that for you.

If you do have kids, it’s strange how sisterhood kind of turns on you. Everyone has judgements on what a person with a child should and ultimately should not do. I want to encourage everyone to be more supportive towards those paving their paths in life and to extend grace to women everywhere on just how much they have on their plates.

I hope my journey inspires something in yourself.

Keep going, you got this.


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