On Episode 17 of Rule Breaker, Dream Maker podcast I am joined by our very first Male guest all the way from London! WOOT WOOT. Chris Hatfield is a Sales Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Host of Not Another Sales Podcast. With over 10 years experience in the world of sales, his super power is helping business owners, coaches and sales people elevate their potential; helping them become more mindful of how they can control their own success and enabling them to shape their own natural selling style.

Sales can seem like a heavy topic and I see so many entrepreneurs crippled with fear about their businesses or finding more clients because they are just “not good at sales” Chris turns that on it’s head in this episode and helps you to understand why NOT being good at sales is actually your secret weapon. He also equips listeners with some easy tools to change the way they think, empowering them to flawlessly solve problems, change their mindset when it comes to sales and selling, and how to present what you have to offer in an authentic way.

If you want to:

  • Turn your brain into the powerful search engine it is
  • Change from “selling” to sharing your story
  • Incorporate more of who you are into what you do
  • Be your most authentic self and still make the money

You can’t miss this episode.

Find out more about Chris Hatfield at one of these places below (oh and PS- listen into find out his #1 favorite move- which happens to be one of mine as well):


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