Let’s talk about outsourcing.

Sure this seems to be a popular buzzword but it’s SO much more than that. Here’s the deal- I’ve never seen anyone get super far on their own (except Forest Gump maybe…. but it sure took a longgggg time).

In order to grow and scale your business, you are eventually going to need to outsource. But we don’t just want to outsource for the sake of outsourcing, so we talk:

What is outsourcing and why it’s importing.

When is the best time to outsource and what to do BEFORE you start looking.

How to start outsourcing and what you should be getting off your plate (sooner rather than later).

I also let you in on how I set up onboarding in my business, the things you need in place to outsource and a simple process to duplicate your efforts so you’re ready to bring someone on.

We also talk best practices to keep your business safe and secure while you let people support your efforts.

I also mention what a virtual assistant is, what kind of things to look for when hiring, and all the nitty gritty details in between.

Links mentioned:

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