When building any sort of life or business, one thing is inevitable: change. 

We will all experience it sometimes and with change comes growth. There will be people that don’t want to see you change, that don’t want to see you grow or that simply won’t understand your purpose on this planet. This is unfortunate- but it doesn’t really mean anything unless we LET it mean something.

How many times do we agonize about what “that person said about us” or that “one bad situation” or that terrible THING that happened? When you get rid of the noise, understand that it doesn’t have to mean anything and simply say, “Bye Felicia” to anything, anyone or any situation you are no longer available for, your life will change for the better. Not only that, but you will learn to let situations be used for your good. You will feel lighter, more free and overall happier, too. Sound like a delightful side effect? I think so, too.

Check out todays episode for:

  • How I deal with haters and what I have to say about it
  • Why what other people think about you are none of your business
  • The #1 reason that all of this is neither “bad” or “good” and in fact means NOTHING
  • How to use bad shit for your good (and help others along the way)

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