Building your business using Social Media is a lot like Dating (plus a fun catfish exchange to drive this point home) in today’s episode.

You should be using it like a long term relationship and NOT a One night stand…. so here’s what we go over today:

  • Why sounding like a robot is killing your mojo
  • Following a script when your dm’ing people about your biz? We can tell
  • Stop being afraid to say what you really want
  • People want to fall in love with YOU not just what you do

In thinking back, building your business on social media reminds me of some date’s I’ve had….. either you get tmi, or the emotionally unavailable blaster, the over sharer or the person that only talks about themselves (and don’t care what it is you do…)

Sounds familiar? Let’s keep you from making these social media mistakes. Tune into today’s episode for more!