In today’s episode, I introduce you to one of my very favorite people- my mom, aka Reggie Fluty. A retired Sheriff’s deputy, we talk about her incredible career, how she remained sane through it all, as well as how to handle life transitions. She gives us some real time parenting advice and her view on how to set up your child to be a strong and independent adult. We also touch on her take on the recent books and controversy when it comes to the murder of Matthew Shepard (she was the first responding officer and heavily involved in the case).

If that weren’t enough, you get to hear some life advice from a seriously badass woman. Tune in to hear about:

  • Her take on balancing life transitions and why our worth isn’t tied to titles
  • Surviving retirement without causing bodily harm to your partner (haha)
  • How to remain positive even if you are in a toxic or volatile environment
  • How she kept going as a female in a male dominated industry
  • Why certain things you hear or see are just “bullshit”
  • How to parent without crippling growth

I hope you enjoy this and her as much as I do. She is incredible!!