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I want to introduce you in episode 10 to an incredibly inspiring woman, Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny. Ingrid is the creator of the METHOD and popular instagram authority with her no nonsense input on health and fitness. Always glamorous from Monaco. Her motto is to live life à la française. Say no to diets, eat real food and slow down. You will be happier, healthier and leaner.

I fell in love with Ingrid via Instagram and have started doing her workout- The Method. It not only makes me feel better but I have noticed a huge change in my body. Ingrid also has an incredibly inspiring story and reminds us that while life may look glamorous now- you don’t always know what someone has been through to get there.

Ingrid comes on to talk about.

  • Her story and why not having RULES is huge for her
  • Why your boyfriend or partner may be the reason for your love handles (haha!)
  • Importance of our environment
  • Intuitive eating
  • How the way you work out affects your body (and what is cortisol)
  • The French lifestyle and how you can adopt it to be happier, healthier and hotter than ever before

I absolutely love Ingrid and can’t wait for you to fall in love with her as well. She is a true inspiration for anyone that is looking to improve their health, wellbeing, happiness and of course- have a smoking hot body.

You can find out more about Ingrid below: 

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