Using my digital course platform, I am sharing the lessons that I have learned as a business mentor for 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs to help you bring your dreams to life. I have worked behind the scenes for numerous online entrepreneurs you know and love like Jenna Kutcher, Taking Cara Babies and Jasmine Star and am sharing the same knowledge that helped them generate multiple 7 figures in their business. 

3 Pillars of Online Success




Course Library

Mastermind w/ Brittany & Danielle

Everything that you need to know to dominate your business & brand online.  

Maybe you are unhappy in your current path or career, you’re tired of exchanging time for money. You know you can be happy in a business you can control and want to know how to start and dominate online. 

You may be started in  business but are sick of going it alone. You want simple and practical advice from 2 gangsters who have done it all.

Or perhaps you are ready to scale the shit out of what you’ve already got going and to surround yourself with like minded people to get you there. 

You have questions and gaps that you could be leveraging.

Things like mindset, all the online business stuff from basics to advanced, getting clarity on what you want to be doing and where you’re heading. You want to know how you should be writing and leveraging your content and getting engagement – turning your audience into ideal clients. You’re curious about passive income, team building, pricing and all the things that come along with growth. 


We’ve got something incredible for you. 

Next Level Webinars


Are you ready to take your webinars to the Next Level?  


This is my EXACT system that I use to set up Live Webinar Launches.

All of the tech, strategy, automation and funnels. In fact, it’s like letting you peek over my shoulder while I set up a webinar from start to finish, just like I would a high end client.

I charge $5000 to $10,000 for ONE webinar set up, start to finish. So this information? Well, it’s invaluable.

This is like a tech, strategy and execution crash course that I have never shared before and I hesitated to pull the trigger in offering this, but I have seen this transform the way people launch and the results have been mind-blowing. Who am I to keep this magic to myself?

Well, I’d be kind of an asshole actually. 

The Six Figure VA

If you have an internet connection, a computer, and the will to work and learn, you can create your own business online as a Virtual Assistant (VA) helping online entrepreneurs with their businesses.

You want freedom. A business of your dreams where you can work on your own schedule, make insane amounts of cash and spend some actual time with your family (not just waiting for the weekend or summer vacay….)

This course will enable you to take all the knowledge I learned in starting, growing and scaling my VA business to 6 Figures.

People approach me all the time with how to start a business online, and the truth is, I believe this is wholeheartedly the best way to get started.

I see so many women playing small, knowing that they were meant for more, accepting their fate in the world and trying to live off of meager salaries (or worse, having to ask their spouse if they can buy a Starbucks once a week or something).

And to that I said, Screw. That.

Out of this, The 6 Figure VA Intensive was born. I will truly teach you everything that I know and took me years and many, many mistakes to learn. With it, you can go out and change the freakin world and make a plethora of money… but it’s up to you to make it happen.

Infusionsoft Crash Course

Take the Confusion-soft out of Infusionsoft. 

This crash course will give you all the basics you need to know to move over and get started with the worlds leading CRM system. A user of Infusionsoft for 5+ years, I’ve used this system to transform dozens of online entrepreneurs businesses. Let’s get you up and running in no time flat with CONFIDENCE.

Here’s what you’ll Learn in this Self Study Course:

– Overview of How to Navigate Inside
– How Infusionsoft Works Made Easy
– How to Best Handle your List move and Set Up Tags
– Set up Main categories for Ongoing Use and Streamline Imported information
– How to send email broadcasts to all list or segments
– How to Use the campaign Builder to Create Funnels / Automation
– Troubleshooting inside IS
– Segmenting automations so you don’t have to

ADDED BONUS! Specific shortcuts to Customize emails with HTML code, Create and link a freebie to deliver + send to other campaigns (like a welcome sequence), & List maintenance!

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Jamie Davidson

6 Figure VA student

“Hands down, the best investment I have made this year!”

I am a FRESH VA. I just recently finished up the 6FVA course with Danielle and absolutely would not be where I am without this AMAZING course. Danielle taught us everything from start up to high level shit. She was supportive, encouraging and just down right awesome with all of our needs/wants and questions. My 2 biggest changes through this course were getting my first Client (fairly easily) and my mindset. She has a way of making you see the good in yourself and most importantly believing in yourself! Hands down, the best investment I have made this year!

Barb Murphy

6 Figure VA student

“I’ve acquired so much more than direction on how to start a VA business journey”

The 6 Figure VA course format and delivery is designed in a way to help you realize your potential and inspire a shift in your mindset that you CAN build a business YOU imagine. Danielle is honest and authentic, I’ve acquired so much more than direction on how to start a VA business journey.

Toby Pollack

6 Figure VA student

“Danielle helped me find my voice and enabled to me to stand tall and confident with my skills”

Danielle is simply outstanding. Her course will teach you everything you need to get started as a kick-ass VA and then some! If you’re looking for an educator, a mentor, and a leader in the arena, this women is your girl! I have learned how to market myself and reach potential clients, seal the deal, and deliver excellent service. Danielle helped me find my voice and enabled to me to stand tall and confident with my skills. 

Noelle Coulthard

6 Figure VA student

“This course is a MUST if you want to succeed as a VA!”

Danielle is truly the BEST of the best in this industry…& this course is a MUST if you want to succeed as a VA! She not only packs a WEALTH of information and expertise into every week…but she teaches you how to take care of yourself, get in touch with your inherent gifts, & how to tap into ALL of this, to create your GREATEST POSSIBLE SUCCESS! I was brand new in this industry when I signed up for the 6FVA course – but before the course was even completed, I had manifested my SOULMATE client…and I credit Danielle’s INVALUABLE insight, support, & guidance in helping me make it happen!!!