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 Hey Girl!

I’m Danielle!

I’m a business mentor for 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs and launch specialist. I was put on this earth to help women remember that they can have, be and do whatever the *beep* they want.

I help them make build businesses they love (easily) so they can live the lives of their dreams. I’m not just passionate about it, I’m obsessed….
If that weren’t enough I’m a mom to the cutest baby girl ever, a best selling author and have a badass podcast. I live in Southern California (I LOVE the ocean…and wine) so when not outside or toasting to the goodlife, you can find me making magic happen on the internet.

P.S. I freaking love you.

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Ep 44- Unscripted Entertainment (An Excerpt From my Book)

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Ep 43- Fuck your network marketing techniques (and here’s how to make them better)

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Ep 42- How’s this for a title: Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

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Ep 41- My interview on Mindset – Ship Talk Podcast with Trevor Shipman

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Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher


Danielle has become more than just a member of my team, she’s become a true partner when it comes to strategy, tech, and launching. I couldn’t ask for a better person to show up and serve my audience than Danielle. Her brain is a mystery to me but I thank God every night for her talents and the way that she can help me connect the dots so that I can work on next-level projects in my business and have a masterful executor by my side. Not only does she serve my business in big ways, she provides results, and has turned into a part of our family. One of the most brilliant humans I know!

Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews


Working with Danielle is awesome. Her calm “can do” attitude help us seamlessly pull off our launch and give the best service to

our prospects and new clients. Our launch was a swimming success because of they systems Dani helped us put into place. We

picked up over 200 more paying clients over the previous year and had one of the most successful launches ever.

Arielle Hale

Arielle Hale


She’s definitely someone that you need to bump to the top of your “people to watch” to list.

She is inspiring, motivating, and brilliant. There’s nothing she can’t figure out. Working with Danielle would not only be a blessing

to your business, but your life.

Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star


She was always one-step ahead of my needs and more than willing to do anything it took to get every project done right. I thought of her as a secret weapon on my team…and I couldn’t be happier with her quality of work!




She successfully helped us migrate our digital courses/resources to a platform that better serves our customers. This transition helped us go from a small “Mom-and-Pop-Shop” appearance to a thriving business that is well above others in the industry.
Danielle helped us communicate our message clearly and execute the technical skills necessary for our big migration. Her marketing strategy led us to our biggest numbers in the history of our company. She has even given us a tangible guide to lead Taking Cara Babies into a successful future.
I loved that Danielle learned our company’s culture and language. She truly became a part of our team and it showed in all areas. Hiring Danielle to help us was a foundational turning point in our business. I recommend her highly.

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My Book

For the woman inside of you who longs for freedom

You know those perfect people who always have their shit together? Yeah. That’s not me. Hell, I married a con man who had lied to me for seven years, and I didn’t even know it until he landed himself in prison. True story.

In fact, all of this is true: my ultra-luxury life with a man who was lying to me, waking up homeless and without a cent in the bank, falling into a habit of drinking, and dating ridiculous men. But, the good news is that I eventually discovered my own power and took control of my life.

I can’t promise that after reading this you will know everything and be on your way to miraculous riches and the best relationships or whatever. I can promise, though, that this book is brutally honest. Through a path of self-discovery, I took an experience that could have devastated me and used it to launch myself into a life I couldn’t even have dreamed of. I want to share that with you so you can find the courage to create a better life for yourself (you know, the kind you really want….).

You can truly be, do and have anything in this world. You are not a mistake. I hope that my suffering, my crazy and wild stories, my heartbreak, and my victory will leave you with some wisdom that you can use for yourself to find your own freedom.

What Readers Have Said…

A must read. Truly inspiring!

“This book is heartbreaking, brings much anger is emotional, inspirational, thought provoking, tender, raw, real and at times hysterical. It questions your faith and at the same times strengthens it I am truly amazed at the strength Danielle found within her self to become who she is today. She is brilliant author, a kick ass women and an inspiration for all of us. Please write another book” – Vickie Tombrello

Hilarious, entertaining, inspirational, real, and so much more

“Have you ever read a book and been desperate to read more from the same author? That is how I felt about this book. It was hilarious, entertaining, inspirational, real, and so much more! As a married mother of five, I couldn’t be further from the title of this book, but I thoroughly enjoyed Danielle’s journey of self-discovery and candor along the way. I can’t wait to read more from her!” – Kelly McNelis

MUST READ!!! Funny, Informative and Pure

“This is a must-read for the modern women. Although Divorce is in the name, this book is not a Debbie Downer. It will make you laugh, gasp, come up for air and then dive back in again! Danielle goes deep into her story with grace, wit and everything in between. I highly recommend.” – Lin Marty

Raw, Honest, Inspirational, and Many Moments to LOL!

“Danielle, I read the entire book last night! It was incredibly raw, honest, and inspirational. I am in awe of you girl; you’re incredible. Your path hasn’t been easy, but I love how you’ve taken every single moment of your life and made it a learning opportunity. You’re also a hilarious writer and I couldn’t help LOLing many, many times! Here’s my favorite quote (its already up in my office!): “Life is beyond short. Be a badass motherf****r and ditch all the stuff in your life that doesn’t make you beyond happy, and do it now.” –  Paige Griffith

 Absolutely outstanding

“A raw and honest look at pain, hurt, despair, passion, hope, and rebirth. Beautifully written and down right inspirational. Wow.” -Toby Schuraytz

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