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hello beautiful!
I'm a digital marketing strategist, biz coach and best-selling author. 

I love to teach people how to build businesses they love so they can create lives that they are obsessed with.  

I help online entrepreneurs rock their businesses with outside of the box strategies. I like to make it easy and happen on autopilot. I work with the dreamers, the ones who know they are meant for more- the ones who never stop in the pursuit of what they love. 

I believe in doing things you love, that your mindset affects everything, and that things should work with ease and flow. 

I'm a g with technology, beyond that i love wine, trash tv and gangster rap music. 

" Danielle has become more than just a member of my team, she's become a true partner when it comes to strategy, tech, and launching. I couldn't ask for a better person to show up and serve my audience than Danielle. Her brain is a mystery to me but I thank God every night for her talents and the way that she can help me connect the dots so that I can work on next-level projects in my business and have a masterful executor by my side. Not only does she serve my business in big ways, she provides results, and has turned into a part of our family. One of the most brilliant humans I know!" 

"One of the most brilliant humans I know.."

Jenna kutcher

" Working with Danielle is awesome. Her calm "can do" attitude help us seamlessly pull off our launch and give the best service to our prospects and new clients. Our launch was a swimming success because of they systems Dani helped us put into place. We picked up over 200 more paying clients over the previous year and had one of the most successful launches ever." 

"Working with Danielle is awesome "

Tracy Matthews

Danielle is a superstar, powerhouse, GENIUS.

She's definitely someone that you need to bump to the top of your "people to watch" to list.

She is inspiring, motivating, and brilliant. There's nothing she can't figure out. Working with Danielle would not only be a blessing to your business, but your life.

"Danielle is a superstar, powerhouse, GENIUS."

Arielle hale

She was always one-step ahead of my needs and more than willing to do anything it took to get every project done right. I thought of her as a secret weapon on my team...and I couldn't be happier with her quality of work!

"Danielle is incredible!"

Jasmine star


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